Honorary Donations

You can make a donation in your name or in the name of someone else. A donation to GAF makes a great teacher gift! It is one that they are sure to appreciate.  Donations in any amount are accepted.

Honorary Donations

GMSS 8 Blue Team

Donation made by the Johnson Family
June 2014

Thank you to an amazing principal, staff and group of teachers! It has been a wonderful 8th grade year and an end to 3 great years in preparation for high school.
Kim Christensen
Williamsburg Teacher

Donation made by Christa Gibson
June 2014
Mrs. Cardile
Western Avenue Teacher

Donation made by Georgine Bosak
May 2014

Thank you for being a fun and nice teacher this year. I had a lot of fun and learned so much. I hope you have a good summer.
John & Angela D'Andrea
Heartland students

Donation made by:
Anthony & Terran D'Andrea
May 2014
Mrs. Cindy Hansford
Geneva teacher

Donation made by:
The Ganz Family
May 2014

Thank you Mrs. Hansford for being such a wonderful 11st grade teacher for Addisyn. She loved being a part of your class this year.
The Ganz Family
Addisyn, Jamie, Jackie, and Austen
Sherri Wyllie
Mill Creek Teacher

Donation made by Rebecca Davenport
May 2014
Nancy Powers
Western Ave. Third Grade Teacher

Donation made by Spencer Ethan Sims
May 2014
Mrs. Maggie Villwock
and all of the Specials teachers at Heartland School

Donation made by Bryan & Amy Fuller
May 2014
GMSN 6 White Teachers

Donation made by Bryan & Amy Fuller
May 2014
Mrs. Huffman
Williamsburg Teacher

Donation made by:
Leslie Friedman
May 2012

Thank you for teaching Michael this year!
Mr. Roger Morris
GHS Teacher, Coach, and Administrator
from 1952-1983

Donation made by Bob and Barb Springer
June 2013

Roger and Bea were two of the finest folks who ever walked the face of the Earth, and the proof shows in the stature of the five wonderful children they raised. Roger's concern for young people was unlimited. I'll never forget the time I stopped by the Morris' on Logan Street in Geneva looking for Tim. Roger answered the door and in that friendly, gravelly voice, welcomed me with: "Hi Bob. Timmy is inside. But, say, you know any fine young Democrat who could use a summer job? The highway department is looking for a fine young Democrat to work this summer." Sadly, I had a crummy job already that I couldn't quit -- or I would have jumped at it! Roger and Bea were true friends, mentors and role models.
Williamsburg School Staff

Donation made by Wendy Parker
May 31, 2013

I want to thank Dr. Dye, Ann Collins, Kim Cooper, nursing and administrative staff, Mrs. Kamme, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Falk, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Koska, Mrs. Warner and all for all you do for Celia.

Have a great summer!
Matt Williams

Donation made by Max Cannon
September 15, 2012

This donation was made in honor of Matt's birthday. Happy birthday Matt!
--Max Cannon
Mr. Roger Morris
GHS Teacher, Coach, and Administrator from 1952-1983

Donation made by Geoffrey Frasz
September 5, 2012

I have known and worked with many outstanding educators in my years as a teacher and Roger stands out as one of the most admirable members of our profession. He showed that educators make a difference in and outside of the classroom. He also was the Assistant Principal when I was at GHS from 1961-1965 and I remember him administering discipline to us unruly students in a fair and considerate way. I liked how he always was active with school activities. In the community and with St. Peters. he was respected by all of my family and though he will be missed, his touch will always remain.
--Geoffrey Frasz
Debbie Jongebloed, Sarah Brady, Kerri Calloway, Donna Roman
Mill Creek Teachers

Donation made by:
The Stuedemann Family
July 18, 2012
Mrs. Carlson
Harrison Third Grade Teacher

Donation made by Greg and Laura Coats
June 2012

Thanks for being such a great 3rd grade teacher!
--Adam Coats