Communications Committee:

  • Create and send out via 304Connects the GAF Newsletter 3 times/year (September, January, April)
  • Create and distribute event flyers for all events
  • Create press releases prior to (and post as it makes sense) all GAF events and for other significant GAF items
  • Coordinate PTO and other Community visits to spread the word about GAF and what we do
  • Work with Correspondence Secretary to help with and coordinate GAF mailings (tax receipts, thank you letters, Christmas cards, etc.)

Endowment Committee:

  • Soliciting and coordination of donations, grants and bequests from individuals, businesses and other organizations for inclusion in the Endowment Fund.
  • Ordering of Viking Voyage to Excellence Endowment Fund donor recognition emblems and coordination of placement of these on the Viking Voyage to Excellence donor ship display.
  • Primary community business relations and Chamber of Commerce contacts and interaction

Finance Committee:

  • Liaison to Event sub-committees regarding revenues & expenditures from events
  • Budget planning for events, annual grants and annual scholarship distributions
  • Propose budgets and investment goals and suggestions in January for each year.

Fundraising Committee:

  • Investigate and propose new fundraising events for the future
  • Coordinate and pursue raffle basket and other donations for events from businesses
  • Liaison to and reporting of Event sub-committee events status, help needed, etc.
  • Debrief/post-mortems  & lessons learned discussions and documentation from each event (pros and cons) to help determine if events should be continued, or not, the following year(s)

Strategic Planning Committee:

  • New process investigation and coordination for presentation and approval by GAF Board
  • New Website update
  • New CRM/contact database
  • National School Foundation Association (NSFA) and similar organization membership/participation
  • GAF By-laws review and revisions
  • Officer & Committee Leadership transition planning
  • Develop long term plan with goals and new ways of working with community

Volunteer/Membership Committee:

  • Coordinate all event volunteers
  • Board Member and Associate Member recruiting and coordination

Scholarships and Grants:

Coordinate the annual process of receiving grant & scholarship applications from the teachers of School District 304 and graduating GHS Seniors and the selection and awarding of the annual Bencini Memorial Grants and graduating Senior scholarships