The Foundation funded 10 grants for 2014, totaling $34,869. Congratulations to all grant recipients.  


2014 Geneva Academic Foundation Teacher Grants 


20 Hotplates for Hands-on Science Activities Geneva Middle Schools (North and South)

24 ASUS Tab 8" tablets Geneva Middle Schools (North and South)

16 Wacom Pen Tablets for Flipped classroom videos Geneva Middle Schools (North and South)

1 Wacom Cintiq Interactive Pen Display with Mac Mini Geneva High School

Science Equipment-14 Motorized Carts and Track Couplers Geneva High School

4 Sets of 7 Primate Skulls For Comparative Anatomy Geneva High School

Replacement Tunnel Mats for Heart Adventure Course All Geneva Elementary Schools

Cabaret Performer Geneva High School

2 Stand-up Desks & Stools Harrison Street School

GTV Studio Equipment (2 sets) Geneva High School