The Foundation funded 21 grants for 2006, totaling $56,073. Congratulations to all grant recipients.  
2006 Geneva Academic Foundation Teacher Grants 

Artist in our Midst CES Art $500.00

What was it like?...Making Maps   Geneva History Center   All 2nd Grade $1,657.79

Algebra I for All GHS Math $7,686.00

Chemistry Lab Probes GHS Science $2,920.05

CPR CertificationGHS Sophmores $2,345.00

Earth Science GMSS 6th Grade $970.00

Everyone can WriteWAS Sp Ed $1,862.95

Munte Dance Theatre of Chicago GMSS 6th Grade $500.00

"X" marks the Spot HES All $934.98

Technology Assisted Instruction GHS Math $1,025.00

Digital Video "To-Go" MCS All $1,495.37

Computers for Literacy Development GHS English $1,500.00

Orff Instruments CES Music $1,500.00

Multimedia Cart with Technology HSS All $1,500.00

Ceramics Equipment GHS Art $2,080.00

High Resolution Projector GHS Science $3,000.00

Computerized Sewing Machines GMSS FACS $4,300.00

Listening Centers for Everyone HES All $4,755.40

Classroom Listening & Recording stations MCS All $4,755.40

Virtual Library Collection GHS All $5,000.00

Microscope Replacement and Updating GMSS Science $5,786.00